kiwi Team Supports MMARS2 Final Integration with ISU at the Université de Strasbourg

A small team from kiwi travelled to Strasbourg to help with the final integration of the MMARS2 project which is to be launched to the ISS with SpaceX CRS-15, current launch date 29th of June.

The project is a cooperation between the International Space University (ISU) and the Université de Strasbourg (Unistra) which aims to investigate the origin of methane gas found on the surface of Mars. It is hoped that this will improve our understanding of the ‘Red Planet’ which plays such a prominent role in the future of spaceflight.

The experiments are based on hardware flown for the MMARS1 project in early 2017. Four experiments are integrated into a 10x10x10cm standard cube for installation onboard the ISS inside the Columbus module.

The end-2-end service offered by kiwi means the customer can focus on the experiment, safe in the knowledge that the expertise from the kiwi team with their extensive experience in orbital missions is at hand to help with hardware questions and experiment execution.

This project is a perfect example of the future of on-orbit missions kiwi is aiming for. Partnering with both public and private organisations means that each party can concentrate on their strengths, harmonising to allow for successful missions.

We look forward to the launch and mission results!