University projects pitch kiwi to launch their experiment to the ISS thanks to crowdfunding

kiwi (formerly MyScienceBox) started as a Blue Box idea in 2015. Now, located in the Innovation Factory in Friedrichshafen, they provide fast and easy access to microgravity platforms, above all, the International Space Station to enable microgravity research. This is thanks to ‚labs‘, which are little boxes roughly 1L in volume, which house experiments ranging from physical and life sciences to technology and value-added experiments for commercial applications.

In partnership with the crowd investing platform for space-based innovations ‘Space Starters’, operated by FunderNation, kiwi organized a campaign to award two university teams the opportunity to crowdfund the expenses for their experiment, including its launch to the ISS by kiwi.

On June 6, the shortlisted university teams pitched their projects at the Airbus Innovation Factory in Friedrichshafen, in front of a jury made up of kiwi, FunderNation and Airbus Innovation & Strategy team members.

The two finalists, both from the Technical University of Munich (TU München), DNA Origami and 3D-DOS won the opportunity to ride to the ISS to test their experiment in microgravity by executing a successful crowdfunding campaign. Another project has been selected, placing third, and could be launched if additional funding can be found.

DNA Origami aims at testing the crystallization in microgravity to increase the quality of the crystals, in order to use them for scattering experiments. The experiment 3D-DOS shall test new technologies for radiation microdosimetry and characterize the radiation environment aboard the International Space Station.

Until the launch of their experiments by kiwi in 2019, they will prepare and conduct their crowdfunding campaign supported by SpaceStarters, gaining valuable technical and business experience. Of course we will inform you as soon as the campaigns are online.

We say congratulations and wish them good luck for the next steps of their project!

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